How To Get $5,000 To $50,000 More For Your House (Short Version)

Thinking Of Selling Your House?  Here are some things that you have never heard of that can get you an additional $5,000 to $50,000 more (even more than it is worth).

Transaction Maximization is the the difference between “Selling Your Home” and Maximizing the fullest Potential of the sale.  The difference can be staggering.  When you sell a home, your agent meets at least the minimum expectations of the homeowner (not bad you say).  But in Transaction Maximization we speak of meeting a potential that was previously unknown.  Example, you have a friend that just listed there home for 700,000 and in 4 days they accepted an offer at 740,000.  Three weeks later it was sold and they are extremely happy (and should be).  They, nor their agent, family or friends ever broach the subject of what the true potential of the transaction was.  After all, it sold for 40,000 more that it was listed for, thus everything must have been done in the best way possible, right?  If you believe that, then you can stop reading now.  For the rest of you who would like to learn the concepts of Transaction Maximization, this article will change forever the way that you think of selling your home and will almost certainly increase the amount you get in the sale of your home.  Some of the items below will apply to you, some will not but if you are willing to invest 15 minutes to learn you will almost certainly gain at minimum $5,000 more on the sale of your home.

Ask yourself this;  Who benefits if you get an extra $10,000 in the sale of your home?  You probably answered both the agent (he gets more commission) and you.  If you did, you were wrong.  In most listings the seller is offering 2.5 to 3.0 percent commission to each of the agents.  Thus if the agent were to work harder and longer and you were to get another offer 10,000 higher than your last, you would get an additional $9,400 to $9,500 while your agent would get between $250 and $300 dollars more.  You might say that this is the way it should be.  I would say, I agree…but how can you know if your agent is using Transaction Maximization techniques? The answer of course is that you must make them a requirement of the listing.  This seminar teaches you how to do just that.

You are reading the “Short Version” of this seminar which is designed to give a high level overview without any detail as to why things are important.  You may find that without the details of “Why” you are less likely to implement certain things and thus your results may be less.  If you are a die-hard money conscious fanatics who want every penny they deserve the full version (about a 20 minute read) is for you, click here for the Full Version

Drive Traffic:  In order to maximize your translation you must utilize every possibility which drives traffic through your door.  The laws of average would indicate that if we had ten people look at our house perhaps

    Maximizing Your Transaction

    Your transaction will be Maximized when enough people walk through your home that the one who loves it most has seen it.

  • 1 Hates it!
  • 2 Do not like it.
  • 4 Think it was an okay house.
  • 2 Like it.
  • 1 Loves it!

Obviously the person who would want to make the highest offer on the house is the one who “loves it”.  So what is needed to successfully drive traffic through your home and refocus the sale of your home to a Transaction Maximization success?

  • You need at least two people to walk through your house who not only “Love Your House” but also have the Financial Capacity to outbid all of the ones who “Liked It”.  If you do these things you will most likely raise the amount you get for your home significantly
  • Only spend money if you know that you can get more back through these renovations in the sale or if the renovations are needed to bring the traffic level up to what is stated in the above bullet point.
  • Insist that your agent list your house on the MLS for the county you are in.  If you are on the boarder of two counties, insist that the agent list in a MLS that will work in both counties.
  • Access By Seller:  Make it very easy for the buyers agents to show your home to buyers.
  • Don’t put restrictions on lock boxes or times.
  • Don’t put restrictions on viewing times.


Listing Agent Refuses To Communicate

Traffic is reduced and the ability to Baby Step offers/counter offers to your transactions Potential is lost when your Listing Agent tells the Buyers Agents not to call or communicate.

  • Access to Agent and Info about the Sale:
    • Insist that your agent provide the same contact phone number in the MLS as he gave you.  (Can buyers get a hold of him)
    • Call that number and listen to the message.  If there is an option for “Agents Inquiring About A Property” click it and listen to the message.  Is he telling other agents he is too busy to talk with them?
    • Insist that the agent print out the “MLS Agents Full Property Detail Report” and send to you within 1 hour of placing the listing on the MLS and then again each time any changes are made to the MLS listing.  This will allow you to see all of the things that you (because you’re not an agent) can’t see by looking the listing up as a buyer or seller.  Sign and date the MLS print out that he gives you and give him a copy.  This creates a legal record of what the listing looked like the last time your reviewed it.
    • Double check the agents phone number
    • Check to make sure he is not insisting the agents call him for access to the house
    • Make sure that the agent is using a Sentra Lock Box (Electronic).  It requires the agents have a computerized card and combo to get in.  Otherwise they will be putting a combo box (cheaper) on the house and the combo here in the MLS (Or instructions to call for the combo).  The highest security for you and easiest access for the agents is the Senta box which timestamps the agents card with the date and time they entered your house.
    • Insist that you review and approve all attachments to the MLS before they are uploaded.  Sign and date each attachment that you approve giving him a copy.  Tell him to make sure to upload a copy that does not have your signature on it, but which is identical to the one that has your signature on it.  The MLS has a section that allows the listing agent to upload documents that can be accessed by the buyer’s agent in the process of reviewing the property and making offers.  There is no way for you to see what he is uploading, but you can at least instruct him on what is permissible.  Many agents put elaborate documents that demand the buyer’s agent fill in cover letter, have the buyers apply with certain lenders, fill out work sheets, etc.  Don’t allow it.  Better to get a really high offer missing some info and make up the info on the back end than to never get the offer.  Monitor what your agent uploads.
    • Have your agent refrain from Confidential Comments that tell the buyers agents to submit their highest and best offer.  A buyer becomes more committed to your home after they have made the offer.
    • Your agent must encourage dialog between the buyers Agents and himself.  Instead of telling them not to call with questions, encourage the calls and use the calls to baby step the offer/counter offer process to your best interests.
    • Consider allowing your agent to disclose the amount of your highest offer to baby step the others higher.
    • Never allow your agent to require a Pre-Approval letter from his or your lender as a requirement of you reviewing an offer.  Encourage all offers and work through the issues of the best offers.
    • List your house lower than the next closest comp.  Remember, in a fast moving market if your house is priced correctly it is priced to draw multiple offers.  It is then the agent’s job to take all of these buyers and get them excited enough to bid higher than the others.
    • Agents Commission.  Don’t under estimate the power of the paycheck.  Consider offering a higher commission to focus the agents on your home.
    • Business vs. Personal: Stop treating one of the biggest transactions of your life like a personal transaction. This is business and your family has a lot to lose by leaving opportunities on the table
    • Focus:  When setting up the listing, making time for showings, and reviewing offers always remind yourself that the amount of effort that you and your agent puts in will directly affect the net profit you make in the sale of your home.  Don’t be fooled, even in a fast moving market, there is more to be had.  The only Question is it worth you and your agents time to Maximize the Transaction and walk away with the cash.  By the way, think of this.  In a 6% (commission) listing you agent would earn $300 dollars more if a buyer offered you 10,000 more for your house.  Who do you think will be more motivated to raise the price by 10,000, you or your agent?
    • If your house is likely to sell 750,000 or less You should consider making remarks in the MLS to encourage First Time Home Buyers and even the existence of First Time Home Buyer Programs.  This will set your house apart from most of the others who are all competing for the same 40% of potential buyers who are FTHBs.  It is a no brainer.

    We Have The Tools To Help You Over Come These Issues And Sell Your House For More


    • We have created an addendum to the listing agreement which obligates us to enter Data, Comments, Confidential Comments, Showing Instructions, Upload Documents and for us to act in the manner as described above. We will provide you with a copy of the agents version of the MLS page so you can see exactly what is written each time we make a change.
    • You may cancel our listing agreement at any time (even before the contract expiration date) with the only limit being “Procuring Cause”. This simply means that if a buyer purchases your house due to our efforts, or when that buyer was procured during the time we had the listing or as a result of our listing then we still represent you and get paid. It means that if we caused your house to sell either directly or indirectly we get paid, this is fair. Other than that, cancel whenever you want with no obligation.
    • We will allow you to use Transaction Magic, our proprietary Transaction and Document Management System at no charge. This will allow you to receive offers either electronically and in real time, or the old fashioned way (paper). It will also allow you to track the transactions progress and documents in real time from the opening of escrow to the close of escrow.
    • We will not show up with the same Fancy Smancy CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) as all of the other agents. We will log into Sandicor (the real MLS that agents use) right there at your house with you in control and allow you to review your homes comps and establish a value of your home. This way you are not just choosing an agent because they said they could sell your house for 17 billion dollars. We will help you understand how to interpret the data and apply what you learned in the article above. Please note that you must have a High Speed Internet connection and a personal computer (not a tablet or smart phone) which can use internet explorer (required by Sandicor).
    • Additionally, if your house will likely sale for LESS than 750,000 to 800,000 we will do everything above plus if you would like,
      • We will put additional notes in the MLS that your house would be perfect for First Time Home Buyers. And that the house may be in an area that provides First Time Home Buyer Programs.
      • Additionally we will prominently display a rider sign (above or below the main For Sale sign) that says something like this “As part of our Listing Agreement on this house, Gardnier Inc has agreed to waive the First Time Home Buyer Consultation Fee for any buyer who wishes to purchase this home. We know that by helping you, we help our clients sell their home faster”. This has proven to increase traffic dramatically and regularly allows us to Baby Step the offers higher.
      • Our advertising will direct them to the number one website in San Diego and Riverside Counties for these programs Here they can get a huge amount of information and videos on how to use the programs to allow them to make a competitive offer on your home.
      • They will have Free access to our proprietary down payment assistance calculator (the only calculator on the internet that calculates the benefits of the Down Payment Assistance Programs).
      • Last but not least, We and the lenders we know have the expertise to help you determine the likelihood of an offer that has been received by one of these buyers will succeed.

    We are so confident that you will agree that Transaction Maximization and that our approach to Real Estate will significantly increase your net profit that we offer this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    If at the close of escrow on the sale of your home where we were the listing agent, you believe that the Transaction Maximization Services we provided did not lead to an increase in your sales price or net return and upon your written request we will credit you back in escrow 5% of the net commissions scheduled to be paid to the listing broker. Full details are provided in the Gardnier Addendum To The Listing Agreement which must be signed by all parties.

    Additionally, if after presenting our Transaction Maximization program to you in a listing presentation in your home you don’t agree that our methods of Transaction Maximization ™ will likely increase your sales price and/or net profit in the sale of your home by at least 5,000 we will

    • Give you a $5.00 gift certificate to Starbucks as a way of thanking you for allowing us to present our real estate services and Transaction Maximization Program.
    • Leave you with a copy of our addendum to the listing contract which you can use as a guide for what might be important to you with whatever agent you might choose.

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