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How To Use The True Mortgage Calculator

Click Here To Start Video: Why is so darn hard to figure out what your REAL mortgage payment will be (You know, the whole payments including everything)? The TMC is an easy to use calculator that provides users with the ability to

  • Calculate a COMPLETE payment
  • Calculate how much of a home they could by if they want their COMPLETE monthly payment to be “x” dollars per month
  • See the benefit of First Time Home Buyer Programs on their monthly payment.
  • Much, much more.

We hired a professional software development company who assigned 2 programers for nine months to create what turned out to be the True Mortgage Calculator.  It was designed to make payment calculation easy for our clients but has since then become a favorite of real estate agents and loan officers.  The video went all the way to page one on YouTube!  We hope you enjoy.
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How To Use Our Advanced Home Search For Relevant Search Results

Click Here To Watch Video. Think about this. Normally you enter your homes search criteria on one screen and then click search. You are taken to the results page where you view the houses that matched the search criteria. You find your self going back again and again trying to redefine the search criteria for better results. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch the results page filter in real time as you entered the search criteria? For example, if you saw in real time that when you entered 4,000 minimum sq ft for a house you dropped from 78 results to 3 results, you might loosen that criteria up just a bit.

Another great feature is the functionality John gets when he saves a search. Lets say that John saved the above search and asked our program to send him emails every night with any new homes or changed listings that meet his search criteria. Lets also say that another clients named David asked his Realtor to set up the same search on the MLS program. Each night David gets updates on homes and he can click to see the pictures. But wWhen john clicks one of the homes on our emails, it opens the property up in the same search results that john Originally saved on the home search program. Not only can john see this property but all of the others to. John can drag the map around to see other properties which were a few blocks away but hidden from John because of Johns original search criteria! As John begins to find new and previously undiscovered opportunities he is not only excited, but empowered because he can simply click Save and now his search is updated and all future emails will contain results from Johns improved search area!

Clicking a button provides an overlay of school districts. Click the “Statistics” button to find the averages for all houses that are currently displayed on your map, save properties as Favorites, make notes and so much more!
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Home Search Programs -Tricking Buyers

Click Here To Start Video How do you define a “Home For Sale”? Most buyers would say one that they can make an offer on. But large national websites like Trulia, Zillow, and more have a different definition. If you search for a home on their website you are shown not only the Active listings that you would expect, but also contingent and Pending listings which the seller has indicated that they have already accepted another offer. Even worse, they will show properties that have never even been listed for sale. Why would they do this? If they can show you a property that you like, you will click the button to contact the agent. Then the website gets paid. Watch the Home Search Programs -Video 1 to see how you get tricked and how to avoid it!
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How To Check If A Condo is Eligible For FHA Loans

Click Here To Start Video Why is it so darn hard to find a condo that you can get a loan on? Buyers are trying to buy condos only to find that almost all complexes are ineligible for a FHA, VA or Confirming loan. But there are condos out there that are eligible; you just need to know how to find them. This tutorial put on by Gardnier Inc, Own San Diego Real Estate and San Diego First Time Home Buyer Programs gives the buyers solid information and understanding on how to use little known tools to aid in their success. Knowing this information up front can save the buyer approximately 1,000 dollars by determining that the condo is ineligible for a loan prior to paying for an appraisal, Home Inspection and Condo Cert! Take a moment to review the tutorial and see why you have had such a hard time
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Coming Soon – First Time Home Buyer Programs

Coming soon will be a video tutorial on how FTHB programs and Down Payment Assistance Programs work
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