Agent Referrals

Thank you for your interest in referring a client to us.

I have had a general understanding with all of you on how commissions get paid, but as I am getting more agents referring to me, it would be best just to put it down in writing so there are no misunderstandings and loss of friendships. The main issue of course has always been on the lower end referrals that take as much if not more time than the higher ones but pay so much less. With FTHB DAP transactions taking an average of 90 days in escrow, many agents feel the commission earned on these transactions is to low to warrant the amount of work needed.  Cardnier Inc will work with with these clients but must limit the referral fees for the smaller transactions.  Here is the breakdown.

Referrals For Real Estate Services: Gardnier Inc is willing to pay a referral fee as follows from our Net Compensating Broker Commission (CBC)

  1. Net Commissions greater than 7500 the referral will be paid at 25% net commission minus 250 dollars towards the cost of a TC
  2. Net Commissions greater than 3750 but less than 7500 the referral will be paid at 15% net commission minus 250 dollars towards the cost of a TC
  3. Net commissions less than 3750 will be paid a 50 dollar gift card.  No TC fee is charged

The broker/agent must be legally allowed to receive a referral fee at the time it is paid (close of escrow).  Additionally the transaction must enter escrow within 6 Months of the date this referral was received. The fees will be paid where possible in accordance with the laws of the state the brokers/agents are licensed in but in no case shall break any laws of the state of California. If the broker agent wishes to receive a referral fee they must fill out a CAR referral form in a manner that does not conflict anything stated here or on the agent referral form (link below). Not withstanding any discrepancies between this form and the CAR form, this form shall control. A broker/agent shall be considered to have referred a client to Gardnier Inc ONLY IF (1) the broker/agent filled out this form HIMSELF and submits it to us. The Agent Referral form must be complete (ALL fields completed). The form must be received through E-Fax (877-696-7373) or E-mail ( by Gardnier inc prior to the client contacting Gardnier Inc. For the purposes of determining if a referral is valid, the time received shall be construed as the date and time on the E-Fax or E-mail Gardnier Inc receives containing this referral form.

Please click here for a copy of the referral form.  Fax to 877-696-7373 or email to

Referrals for First-Time Home Buyer Consultation: No referral fee will be paid to any person for referring a client for First-Time Home Buyer Consultations. Agents, by submitting clients not previously known to us, Gardnier inc will act in a manner as if you had a 6 month Buyer Representation Agreement with these clients for any property in any location and for any amount. If at some time you change your mind and would like to have us represent your clients for agent related services, you must resubmit the referral as described in the Referral For R.E. Services section above.