First Time Home Buyer Consultation

Absolutely No Risk Consultation

For First Time Home Buyers, the first step in the preparation for home-ownership is finding out if you qualify for not only a loan, but for any FTHB Programs or Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Through the Consultation Gardnier Inc will

  • Work with the buyer to determine three primary locations which the buyer would prefer to purchase a home.
  • Gather documentation needed for a pre-approval for a 1st mortgage
  • Gather information that would be needed for pre-approval of a FTHB or DAP program
  • Select a lender that has experience in these programs and also is on the program lists for those areas.
  • Facilitate a pre-approval if possible for the buyer in these areas.
  • If the buyer is not qualified for any programs in these areas, see if they are qualified in any other areas.
  • Notified the buyer of the areas they are pre-approved for
  • If the buyer is not pre-approved for a First Time Home Buyer or Down Payment Assistance Program in any of their primary areas, and the buyer does not want information on any of the other areas that Gardnier Inc found that they were pre-approved in, then the buyer owes nothing to Gardnier Inc and there is no further obligation for either party.
  • If the buyer is pre-approved for any of the programs, but wishes not to continue, the buyer may cancel their request and owes Gardnier Inc nothing.  There is no further obligation by either party.
  • If the buyer confirms that they are interested in continuing the process and receiving information specific to First Time Home Buyers and Or Down Payment Assistance Programs, then the consultation will take place and a one time payment of 379.95 will be payable by the buyer at the time of the consultation.  Because Gardnier Inc services First Time Home Buyers all over southern California, the consultation will be held via phone.

Once the consultation is complete, there is no further obligation on the part of either party.  The buyer may choose to use Gardnier Inc as their real estate agent, or may choose anyone else.  The buyer may use the lender that Gardnier Inc referred them to, or any other lender.  If

  • The buyer chooses to use Gardnier Inc for their real estate needs (real estate agent), then future consultations are free of charge.
  • If the buyer would like to use another agent, but wants the right to continue to have phone consultations with Gardnier Inc, the future consultations will be at the rate of 125.00 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour time billed for each conversation.  Because of the number of “just one questions” that come up, we cannot make an exception to this rule.  Please gather all of your questions and make sure to have uninterrupted time to go over them.

Click here for the intake forms which include the type of documentation that will be required.

Please call us at 877-696-7373 x 1 or email for more information