Census Tract Information County Of San Diego

All homes are located in a census tract. Every ten years the government updates the census for the country. Certain tracts are identified as “Targeted”. These are areas where the government has determined that it would be good for the community to have an increase in home owners vs renters.

Programs are in place for both First Time Home Buyers (people who have owned a home in the last three years) and non First Time Home Buyers (Those that have owned a home in the last three years but generally who do not own a home now). These programs apply for funds from the Federal, state and local governments, and then divide the money they receive up into different categories. Some of the categories are

  • Non Targeted areas
    • First Time Home Buyers
      • Low Income Buyers
      • Moderate Income Buyers (sometimes)
  • Targeted areas
    • First Time Home Buyers (have not owned a house in three years) and sometimes Non First Time Home Buyers (Have owned a house in the last three years)

A low income purchaser can use funds from either the low or moderate pool. The moderate income buyers can only use funds from the moderate income pool. In this way, low income purchases are guaranteed the opportunity to receive some of the funds. When the funds are gone, the buyer will need to wait for the next funding (anywhere from 2 months to a year)

If the buyer is purchasing a home that requires a specific census tract, then they need a way to understand if the home qualifies. It is important to understand one last concept.  Census Tracts are used in two different ways.

  • Federally Targeted areas (used primarily by First Time Home Buyer and Down Payment Assistance Programs).  For San Diego County you will find a link the the maps in the table below.
  • Program targeted areas.  Some programs have areas that are targeted for reasons other than those gained from information collected on the Census.  For example;
    • USDA loan is a fantastic First Mortgage loan that requires no down payment and low PMI.  Everyone would want to get it if they could but it is targeted for rural areas.  After looking at the program guidelines, you would search for the Census Tract areas that it serves in your county.  If it serves the area that you want to buy, you win!
    • NHSP (neighborhood Stabilization Program) is a federal program designed to give down payment assistance to people buying foreclosures in areas hardest hit by foreclosures.  After looking at the program guidelines, you would search for the Census Tract areas that it serves in your county.  If it serves the area that you want to buy, you win!
    • In the cases of programs like these, you will need to use the American Fact Finder to find the census tract data for your area.

American Fact Finder is much harder to use than my table below, but it gives you a better map.  You may want to use it even if the tract you are lookin for is on my table below.  Here is how to use American Fact Finder

      • Click the American Fact Finder Link
      • Click “Geographies”
      • To check an address, click the “Address” tab (easy).   From the results you can see the census tract that the house is located it.
      • To search for maps that are very accurate
        • Click on the “Map” Tab.
        • Click on the link called “boundaries and Features”.  Select both of the check boxes for “2010 Census tract”.  Scroll to the bottom and “Update”
        • Click on Find A location link.  In the “Search For Geological Area” box enter the Census Tract number you are looking for and your county (example 131.03 San Diego).  From the results chose the correct tract.  View map


City Name

Map Page

Tract Numbers

Chula Vista 1309 125.00
Chula Vista 1330 131.03 132.06
El Cajon 1251 157.01 157.03 158.01 158.02 159.01
Escondido 1129 202.12
Escondido 1130 202.07
Imperial Beach 1329 104.01 105.02
Lemon Grove 1270 144.00
National City 1289 118.02
National City 1309 114.00 115.00 116.01 116.02
Oceanside 1084 184.00
Oceanside 1106 182.00
San Diego 1268 66.00
San Diego 1269 9.00 12.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 22.01 22.02
San Diego 1269 23.01 23.02 24.01 24.02 25.01 26.01 26.02
San Diego 1270 27.07 27.08 27.09 27.10
San Diego 1288 58.00 62.00
San Diego 1289 33.03 34.04 35.01 36.01 36.02 36.03 39.01
San Diego 1289 39.02 40.00 41.00 45.01 45.02 46.00 47.00
San Diego 1289 48.00 49.00 50.00 51.00 56.00 57.00
San Diego 1290 33.02
San Diego 1350 100.12 100.13 100.15 101.12
San Marcos 1109 200.09
Vista 1087 195.01