This page describes how to download the intake form, and how to get your documents to us.

All files MUST be in PDF format.

  • Taxes: Your preparer can send you a copy in PDF form (or you can scan them)
  • Bank Statements: You can download from online banking in PDF form (or you can scan them)
  • Pay Stubs: You may be able to download a PDF from your payroll company (or you can scan them)
  • Drivers License & SS Card: You will need to scan them
  • First page of the Intake Form. You will need to scan it

Download the Intake & Referral Form / Consultation Agreement

  1. Fill out and sign page one
  2. Gather the docs listed on page 2
  3. Return to or fax to 877-696-7373 x777

If you would prefer to scan your documents and deliver them by a CD contact us for an appointment. We will NOT accept any original documents. If you would prefer to provide copies of the documents to us in paper form and have one of our staff members scan them for you there is a 49.95 charge due at the time that you drop your COPIES off. Once the scanning is complete the copies will be destroyed.

Once we have your documents in electronic format we should be able to have an answer for you in 7-10 business days.

Thanks and if you have any questions, just give us a call. 877-696-7373 x777 or click the email link above

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