FAQ – Targeted Areas, How Do Down Payment Assistance ProgramsUse Them

Sometimes the government decides that a particular community would benefit from an increase of home ownership.  In these cases they allow people to use First Time Home Buyer and Down Payment Assistance Programs even though they would not normally qualify.  They identify the neighborhoods they are “Targeting” by the Census Tract number.  Imagine that you divided the cities up into small areas.  Some as small as a couple of blocks, some as large as a few miles.  To each area you gave a number.  The numbers start with 1.00 and go up.  Now imagine that you are a buyer who could benefit from one of these programs.  The program says that you can buy in Chula Vista in areas 125.00, 131.03 and 132.06.  Since Chula Vista is where you want to live, you are excited.  Now all you need is a way to find the census tracts.

  • For San Diego County, look here
  • Riverside will be coming soon.

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