FAQ – Is The HBE Home Buyer Education Class Required For Down Payment Assistance Programs

HBE, or Home Buyer Education refers to the requirement by some programs that the buyer take a HUD Certified 8 hour HBE course. All of the bigger programs require it and some of the smaller programs require it. There are many places that you can go to take the class and the cost varies from 0-60 dollars or so. There is no need to take the class until you know if the Down Payment Assistance Program you qualify for requires it. I have had mixed opinion from buyers on the value of the class. about 50% say it is a waste of time with the other 50% saying that it had good information. However, of the 50% who said it had good information, most said that if given the cancel it was not worth giving up their Saturday for. When it is time we will help you chose one that is correct for you.
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