True Mortgage Calculator

TMC is the NUMBER 1 Calculator on the internet and is used by more buyers, lenders and agents than any other. Use the TMC to Quickly and Easily calculate COMPLETE monthly payments when buying a home. Additionally, for those interested the TMC calculates First Time Home Buyer Programs and Down Payment Assistance Programs.

While there are many options to allow you greater detail, you only need to add these four items in order to get an accurate payment.

  • Type Of Loan,    Interest Rate,    Purchase Price,    Your Credit Score.

The calculator will calculate your loan payment (Principle And Interest) and also estimate your Taxes, Insurance and PMI insurance (If any). Additionally you can enter HOAs, etc if there are any.

Below the calculator is a 23 minute “How To” video that has become so popular that is is now on page 1 of YouTube (Not Easy To DO)! This calculator was designed by us for our clients and took a team of programmers 9 months to develop. It does things that no other calculators do. It is provided here free for your use. If you are looking for an cutting edge real estate agent who is investing heavily in technology to help his clients succeed, please consider us here at Gardnier Inc. Thank you and feel free to contact us with any questions: 877-696-7373 x777 or

IMPORTANT: An Upfront and Monthly MIP rate of 9999 indicates that you don’t qualify for this loan as you have entered it.  The two factors that contribute to this are (1) how much you are putting down and (2) your credit score.  If you see a 9999 please check to insure your Down Payment and FICO Score are correct.  If they are, you can still manually change the PMI insurance and run the calculation, but you will probably not qualify for that loan.  If this happens, try switching Loan Types as each has different rules.  If you are doing a conforming loan there may be additional rules you must manually apply (they can be found under the Calculator).


How To Use The True Mortgage Calculator

If you are getting a Conforming (conventional) loan, use the chart below to see if you will have any add-ons.  If so just add the amounts right to your Monthly PMI.


The first 6 minutes of this video show why you are not getting real payments from the online calculators, as well as how to use the TMC to calculate one here. The next few minutes show how to use the TMC to calculate Down Payment Assistance Programs and the MCC. The end of the video shows how to calculate how to use the TMC to calculate how much house you can afford based on a desired payment (one of the most popular items of the calculator)! If you would prefer to watch the video on YouTube, Click Here

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