Home Valuation Project

Thanks for reviewing our project and we invite you to make a bid.  All bids should be for the project completion (not time and material).   If there are VATs or other taxes, the bid should include those and any other charges.  Your bids should be emailed to Don@sd4u.com

Here is an example of a page I would like to recreated
HomeValues-com Web Model

There are several tools that I have to allow us to gather the needed data and manipulate it to our needs. First lets separate the project into several sections.

  1. Input page.  The input page can be used to gather any data that we cannot extrapolate from our current sources of data.
  2. Results page.  House Valuation Section
    1. Address:  We got this from the input page
    2. Valuation We need to generate this.  There are two parts to this valuation.
      1. The range 258,693 – 388,039
      2. The value of this house 323,366 which is nothing more than the mid point on the range.
    3. Property Specifics such as number of bedrooms etc.  Notice that this is broken down into 2 section
      1. Public Records (they got the info from their own source)
      2. User records (this was derived directly from the user on the input page)
    4. Map that shows the property
  3. Results Page Real Estate Market Conditions Report (Values of all houses in the area)
    1. Valuation module for Single Family Homes and Valuation Model for Condos.  They have the range and the average just like above
    2. Houses in 92065 (stats on the market)
      1. Median List Price
      2. Median Days on the market
      3. Active listings.
    3. Condos in the 92065 (stats on the market)
      1. Median List Price
      2. Median Days on the Market
      3. Active listings
    4. Map of sold homes in the area
    5. List of sold homes in the area that corresponds with the map in number 4 above

So here are my sources of data.

First, in an attempt to get a value of a home.  I have this program https://www.ownsandiegorealestate.com/instant-home-value-estimator/ which we could us to get a value and from the sold comps perhaps a range. Also, there are some sold comps as stated. The question is can we take the address from pour input form, put it into this program and get the the results page where we can harvest the data? Copy this address and put it into the page to see an example. 25169 Poderio Drive. Ramona, Ca 92065

Additionally I have access to tables and charts from a data company. Below is an example.

And finally I have access to data from my real estate IDX program. You can click the main menu item “Home Search” above to see that. There are also little widgets from that IDX program like these.

This is “Sold Homes (Last 50)”. Also Last 50 Active listings (Perhaps we could get the “Value Rantge” From here. There seems to be a conflict that is stopping the scroll bar from working though.

Shoot me any questions you have by email. Let me know if any of these tools will allow us to make a page like the one at the top of this page (can you pull data from them). Once I know which of these tools you can use, I will design the final page layout with what we have to work with.